Gasp Training Belt Black
Gasp Training Belt Black

Gasp Training Belt Black

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Really strong and durable belt for a good day in the gym. Black Amara on the outside and natural suede on the inside. Extremely cool GASP embroidery on the back and on the front belt loop! High quality buckle with two pins for good stability! The belt is 10cm (4 inches) wide.

Your best workout partner ever!

Material: Leather / Arnara

Additional Sizing Info:
S: 28 – 36” / 70–95cm
M: 30 – 38” / 75–100cm
L: 32 – 40” / 80 - 105cm
XL: 38 – 42” / 95 - 110cm
Size guide (by waist measurement).
Has 8 prong holes with approx. 0,8” / 2cm in between.